Who we are?

Founded in 2006, ELEK is an innovative company specialized in design and in manufacturing lighting and smart connected solutions. We offer a wide range of high quality equipment for indoor and outdoor, aesthetic and functional. Having experiences in lighting solutions since a decade, ELEK now aims to be leader in providing innovative connected  solutions in Southeast Asia. Thereby, we are dedicated to provide high-performance solutions, in terms of efficiency and  eco-friendliness.


What we do?

All of ELEK projects are long-term investments with a goal to use decades of experience in the industry to achieve outstanding quality. Through a mixed strategy of multidisciplinary skills, electronic conception, lighting and product design, with wood and metal facilities and full SMT production line that have the ability to always deliver the best experiences for our customers and create global smart solutions aiming for connected objects.


Our History

ELEK is an innovative French-Vietnamese company specialized in design and in manufacturing lighting and smart connected solutions

2006 - 2007

ELEK started by selling LED products for signage industry: LED modules, LED advertisings and message displays

2007 - 2010

ELEK improved its technology and moved to LED display. Based on a strong R&D Team, we design and manufacture Real-Time Controllers. At the same time, ELEK manufactures all kinds of LED displays: indoor, outdoor, dual color and full colors

2011 - 2015

In 2011 ELEK shifted to LED Lighting. ELEK includes various departments:

  • Indoor Lighting Design > for offices, resorts, hospitality, residential, factories, privates houses.
  • Outdoor Lighting Design > for building facades and landscape.
  • Product Design > for specific product following client requirements.
  • Electronic Engineering > developing our LED driver, lighting controllers (DMX controllers).
  • Production Line > for electronic production and light devices assembly.

2015 - TODAY

The customized product demands have increased and enabled the growth of the product design department. The need to ensure the product quality and short delivery time has become crucial. Consequently, we developed our skills in several departments such as Electronics, Wood crafting and Metal working in order to deliver qualitative custom-made solutions on time to our customers. Aspiring to create qualitative lighting product for the people and the environment, ELEK provides customized solutions featuring measurable added values


Sustainable development is a key consideration in the design and manufacturing of our products and projects, where we strike a balance between enduring values for the community and achieve the best possible return on customers' investment. All of our projects have long-term action plans that make sustainability a priority. With a wealth of local market knowledge combined with global technology, ELEK’s business is built on our strong partnership, integrity, excellence that support local communities.