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Wooden Lights_Part 4 | HOW DO WE MAKE WOODEN LIGHTS?

When mention about three characteristics, probably the things we usually think of is WOOD. It is also the main source of inspiration for ELEK to carry out the  "MỘC collection" with wooden lamp designs.

ELEK always believes that a good product is not only from good materials, but it is precisely and carefully elaborated in each stage of production. The perfect of the lamp will create an attractiveness when put it into context. The light effect enhances interior space and emotional connection.

We hope you can relax when returning to your home or feel the warmth and lightness that the wooden lamp to bring you.

Let's stop the hustle, let ELEK shares with you how we make the wood lamp and hope that ELEK will be accompanied with you to build an ideal home.

Do you have the idea and desire? ELEK will help you to complete from design to product.


(1) Listen and study

We talk things out with you to get to know your wants and needs. We learn about your concept and discuss dimensions, materials, aesthetic, and any special requirements. Our attention is your details.

(2) Design & propose

We come up with a design concept that meets those needs. For brands and businesses, we do so while making sure everything aligns with your branding.

(3) Manufacture & assemble

With your sign-off, it goes off to our wood-workers, who bring the product to life. And finally, installation — where we’ll make final adjustments on site so that it fits in perfectly with your space.

Let's get inspired!

So you’ve seen how we work, how we make wooden lights and decided to kick off your project with us. Great! Where do we go from here?

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