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Half year reunion- Throwback memories

Last friday, Elek had a small party with all the members in the family. This was the time for us reunion together in order to celebrate for the special event.

Bounce back to 10 years ago from the first began of Mr. Marc- Co-founder of Elek, at this time, it was difficult to build up a business, but he did not give up. As a result, Elek has reached a peak rapidly to these days, and has succeeded in many projects. To make these things happened, not only Mr. Marc but also all the Elekers have worked extremely hard. Therefore, Elek’d like to express our thanks to all the members. Each member is an important piece in the puzzle.

In the party, we had so much fun, we talked, we shared experiences, so each person could understand the meaning of the work. Besides sharing the information, feelings, we also took some pictures, and we kept the good memories in the photograph. No matter that the number of staff was limited, or there were differences between cultures, it did not stop many beautiful memories from taking place there.

Besides, Elek’s respectation is create a friendly environment, and beautiful culture for all the staffs to work in. Moreover, we hope that we will have more successful projects in order to build up our prestige in the lighting design field.

Finally, we would like to express our thanks to all Elekers who always support us to be succeed.

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