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Wood is one of the most popular materials in interior design because of its variety of colors, textures, shapes and patterns. Any piece of wood can be used to add personality to a room and emphasize your unique style. That is the reason we love this material for lighting.

Wooden lamps look very nice and can be customized to match your home decor, be it rustic, modern, minimalist or simply laid back and homey. ELEK is happy to introduce our new range products. Let’s get inspired by our Wooden Lamps in MỘC COLLECTION

wooden lights

Thod Floor Lamp Family

It is available in two sizes with two models, many colors and integrates seamlessly into any room of a home, office or commercial space.

 wooden lights

wooden lights wooden lights

Tanod Floor Lamp

This one of a kind lamp with the special curve will catch your attention at the first sign. With the beautiful design, Tanod promises to make the home becomes elegant and classy.

Komod lamp

Komod lamp works grand above a kitchen counter, bar or office ceiling. The light shades make for a expression that is both minimalist and eye-catching.

Light Column Family

Create a stately entrance to your home with outdoor light column. Serving not only as a dramatic way of welcoming your guests, but used to accentuate the natural beauty of your property while adding security and comfort. Light column family comes in multiple sizes, materials, and amount selections so that you can find the appropriate outdoor lighting for your residence.

Nossod Table Lamp

A reinterpretation of the traditional architect’s lamp, the Nossod Table Lamp comes in a pinewood, ash, pyinkado body with lampshade, making it a distinctive match for any desk bedside table.

We want to do this basic lamp, it sounds easy but it is quite challenging. We put a lot of emphasis in shaping the product. New perspective in design, we think, is a part of design process.  It is extremely important that something need to be an innovation.

At Elek, we encourage you to design your own lamp style. Our manufacture flexibility is always ready to meet all your requirements.

You know where we are when you need.

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