ELEK was built in Vietnam in 2006, which is a French-Vietnamese company.  Specializing in designing, manufacturing and providing smart connected solutions for infrastructure projects, architecture, civilian construction. Moreover, Elek has achieved many successes during the development.

Năng Lực Sản Xuất Elek

More than 10 years of integration and development, ELEK has made tremendous progress in terms of scale and reputation, which has based on the experienced and competent staffs, and modern equipments. ELEK has made a breakthrough in providing smart connected solutions that support to apply technology in production, and management tools, and still ensuring environmental friendliness.

From the early stages of supplying the LED equipment, now, Elek has been producing ours own electrical components for interior and exterior design projects. Besides, Elek also offers many other services such as lighting design, lighting consultant, product design, and manufacture, which are the strength of the development of Elek.

In addition to the large projects, Elek also focuses on producing wooden lights to cater the customers needs. Recently, Elek has released MỘC collection.

wooden lights

SMARTEC Co, which is a part of ELEK, specializing in designing and executing electromechanical works to carry out large projects of smart lighting design and facade such as Hypernest ClubHouse in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, highbay lighting system ( Bel factory, An Binh factory), CNC automatic control system (Metkraft), which help to  save energy consumption, production management and maximize investment. With any type of project, Elek’s lighting solutions always provide the satisfaction to the partner with reliable products and good services.

Awarded the LIT Design Awards 2017 in the category of Innovative Lighting Design Software for Hypernest Clubhouse, which is a force for ELEK to continue developing.


To meet the needs of the projects, ELEK as well as SMARTEC has prepared many kinds of machinery from manual to automation in mechanical workshop as well as wood workshop. Elek also pays attention on training staffs to be careful and meticulous in every detail of the production.

At the wood workshop, ELEK always selects high quality of wood, eliminates poor quality parts. The production process is carried out with machines such as sawing machine, CNC lathe, CNC machines, laser machine and many other specialized equipments to meet the needs of design of each project.

năng lực sản xuấy ELEK

At the mechanical workshop, besides the manual processing, the automation machines such as CNC machines, CNC lathes, hand welders robot, aluminum lathes, laser machines and other machines play an important part that bring high product efficiency. These are the machines that support Elek- Smartec to make high-tech products to meet the needs of producing

In the future, Elek will continue to focus on sustainable development. The company has set ambitious goals for production, business and sustainable development. Elek is creating products not only can afford the customer needs but also friendly with environment.