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Elek celebrated MID – AUTUMN Festival 2018

The full moon has inspired people all over the world, as a reflection of unity, tranquility, abundance and fortune. When it grows full and beautiful, it reflects a harmonious balance which gives hope to humanity. The roundest moon can be seen in the autumn. It is the time for reunions. Yesterday, we celebrated our Mid- Autumn at the factory with all the members in big family.

We had great experience with lanterns, mooncake, and enjoyed the great show, which was organized by those fantastics people of HR department.

We ate the mooncake, took some pictures, and shared some achievements that we have gotten. Mr.Marc – CEO had the small speak, gave the present and sent the Mid-Autumn wishes to all the members there.


Elek would like to express our thankful to all Elek’s members who give great effort to develop Elek. Together, we make change!

We had so much fun and we wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival and a wonderful life.