There have been a wide range of universities in Vietnam. There is no denying that having a good education system will allow students to study well and develop as much as possible. Barack Obama said: “Young people deserve world-class education right here in Vietnam”. Many universities in Vietnam try to upgrade not only the education system for students to participate in the well-train classes but also the facilities in order to provide active environment for students. 

Fulbright University Vietnam – the first independence non-profit university for Vietnamese students to access world-class education system right in Vietnam, which was opened in this fall.

fulbright university vietnam

There is no doubt that Fulbright University not only provides student world-class education but also allows them to take part in any activities at school with modern equipments such as library, canteen, functional rooms, and so on.

Fulbright University Vietnam is the newest project of ELEK/SMARTEC for implementing lighting system, and applying Smart Connected Platform to save the energy, and protect the environment. Fulbright has a splendid design of interior, landscape and lighting.

fulbright university vietnam fulbright university vietnam

fulbright university vietnam

ELEK is extremely honour to become the partner that in-charged of lighting design, lighting consultant, supplier and manufacturing for level 2 and 7 of Fulbright University Vietnam. The special point is ELEK provides Fulbright University Vietnam of SCP (Smart Connected Platform) system, which is still not common in other college in Vietnam. This is one of the steps to promote the cooperation for each partner to joint in the project in order to put into practice. This is a great opportunity and challenge for ELEK and SMARTEC develop the technology 4.0 to provide smart solutions that help businesses. It also helps to improve the life quality for the community as well as Fulbright University Vietnam.

fulbright university vietnam

SMART CONNECTED PLATFORM is a foundation for other smart services  as well as other value by integrating IoT technology in smart lighting system, which is the first apply in Fulbright university. Elek provided university with the lighting system, which included various types of lamp such as Sutra light, Reta light, Ceiling panel module F, Spotlight COB model W, Cupola and others in floor 2 and 7. Especially, floor 2 has SCP system, which combined photo sensor to measure the sunlight in order to adjust the lighting in the room to be balanced. Moreover, SCP system offers auto-dimming function, and the user can control the intensity and turn  on/ off of the light through software. It leads to the result that Fulbright can save energy and ensure the efficiency of lighting.

Project Description:


  • Investor: FULBRIGHT
  • Interior Design: MH ARCHITECTS
  • Lighting consultant: ELEK CO., LTD
  • Lighting supplier: ELEK CO., LTD
  • Product design: ELEK CO., LTD
  • Manufacturing: SMARTEC CO., LTD
  • SCP Lighting Control: SMARTEC CO., LTD
  • Completed year: 2018