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On 18 Jan 2019, Elek had a wonderful night at WOODEN LIGHTS SHOW, which was held at 28 Thao Dien, District 2. Our WOODEN LIGHTS – Private show was organized for the first time, and we’d like to thank all of the guest, members of ELEK, who contributed towards making the event successful.

At the event, we had the gallery to show all of our Wooden Lights Collections. There are many kinds of wooden lights to catch attendees eyes. We offered three kinds of lamps such as Table lamps, Floor lamps and Bollards. These wooden lamps are a combination of metal, fabric, glass, … with many beautiful colors.

Moreover, the guest also enjoyed the buffet dinner with a cup of wine, and spent the precious time to make networking.

In the show, Elek had the “LUCKY DRAW”- the winners are able to choose their favourite lamp in the collection.  We’d like to congrat Mr. Huy (Huy Phat) and Ms. Thư (Vertical Studio), who were the lucky people at that night. 

Finally, thank you for joining the private WOODEN LIGHTS SHOW! We hope to meet you again in the upcoming  event!  

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