ELEK services are tailored for private corporations, incorporated owners and government bodies and contain distinguished advantages that set us apart from other consulting, designing and manufacturing services. ELEK provides services that include master Lighting Concepts/Layout Design, Lighting Products Design, Supplier to ensure your development is impeccable in both form and function.

Lighting Concepts/Layout Design

We analyze the architecture on site or on CAD file, to propose a lighting atmosphere that fits the architecture specificities. It could be decorative lighting effects or functional lighting. Supported by different software, we calculate the accurate light power depending on the lights location in order to get an efficient and adequate lighting result.

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Lighting Products Design

Nothing is more conducive to happiness than clicking off the main light and settling down in the soft glow of a bedside your favorite lamp.

Understanding your needs, Elek has designed many types of lamps to suit your demand. Besides our designs, we also encourage you to design your own lamp. Elek will support you from the idea to the manufacture. Starting from your specific requirements, we are able to offer a decorative product, a connected light, or a fully completed lighting control installation.

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Lighting Manufacture

We believe good manufacturing is a crucial part that influences overall performance of a real estate project and results in buildings both beautiful and able to stand the test of time. We have full in-home workshops facilities, we are able to respond promptly to all projects that entails different domains such as Wood Craftsmanship, Metal Working, Electronic Design.

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Lighting Supplier

We distribute LED products for homes and businesses, and we can provide expert advice if you are unsure about which type of lighting to choose. All of our LED lighting products are manufactured to the highest quality, designed to last for many years. Our lighting range is suitable for many different decor styles including industrial, rustic, contemporary and practical. We pride ourselves on our products being great to look at and highly functional.