Interdisciplinary and passionate about design, we are people with skills, making products.

Leadership Team

Marc Bregeault

Founder, Owner & CEO

Suong Phan

Account, Exports & Logistics Manager

Tuyen Nguyen

Finance Manager

Hai Nguyen

Production & Operations Manager

Thomas Vincent

Creative Design Manager


Mr. Da

Workshop Manager

Powder coating
10 personnel

Mr. Minh

Workshop Manager

10 personnel

Ms. Tuyet

Workshop Manager

20 personnel

Mr. Khanh

Workshop Manager

20 personnel

Mr. Tanguy

Workshop Manager

Wood & Natural materials
30 personnel

Mr. Luan

Workshop Manager

15 personnel

Mr. Khoul

Workshop Manager

60 personnel


Nhut Phan, Product Designer
Trang Nguyen, Product Designer
Thu Luong, Product Designer
Ngoc Duong, Product Designer
Ngan Huynh, Experience Strategist


Phi Phuong, Human Resources
Khanh Trang, Administrative Officer
Hoang Bui, IT Officer

Talented person, join our team

No current vacancies.

We welcome expressions of interest in the following domains: Design, R&D, Production, Quality Control, Sales, and Organisation.

Send your resume and cover letter to sharing your answers to these questions.

(1) How does Elek attract you?

(2) What can you bring to Elek?

(3) Share with us your CV / Folio / achievements.