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Wooden Lights_Part 3 | Making of the wooden lamp

Every space is different. Wooden lamp that is tailored to you. Our team that with a well-thought out layout, and there you have it - great product.

Elek pays most attention in designing the lamp shade, the hardware part, and the solid wood fame, as well as choosing the right parameters of each element because we know that every part of the lamp must be suited each other, and accurately to millimeter in order to have the perfect lamp.

We are hardworking, decent folks who love doing carpentry. At ELEK, we feel a tremendous sense of pride everytime we have translated the sketches and the ideas into actual tangible wooden products that we know will play a huge role in creating your dream space.

We do put our heart in every assignment. So if and when the occasional slip-ups happen, and times where work can be improved you can be certain that we will be responsible and we will do our utmost best to put things right for you.

Our workshop open 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday & 9AM to 12PM Saturday. You’re more than welcome to pop by, watch our woodworkers do their things, see the projects they’re working on, and browse our range of materials, finishes, hardware.

We help you design your own lamp and we make it a reality.